Assistant Professor, Dr. Cheng-Yueh Hsiu Giffen
Associate Professor, Dr. Yueh-Hsiu Giffen CHENG (Department Chair)

Doctor of Creative Arts in New Media Arts, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia (Specializing in New media art creation and Net dot art)
MVA in visual arts, Canberra School of Arts, The Australian National University.
Teaching Subjects:
Methodology of Design、CIS Design、Computer Drawing.
Areas of Expertise:
Culture infused arts, Arts infused education, Interactive design, New media arts history, design history, Arts Creation.
Extension:886-5-534-2601 ext 6422
Professor, Dr. Jui-che TU
Professor Jui-Che TU, Ph.D.
(Associate Dean of the College of Design & Chair of the Graduate School of Design Study)

Ph.D. in Industrial Technological Education, Univ. of Tennessee, USA (specializing in Design Education).
Master's degree in Industrial Education, Univ. of Tennessee, USA.
BA. in Forestry, Univ. of Tennessee, USA (Specializing in Furniture Design and Manufacture).
Graduated from Dept. of Industrial Design, National Taipei Institute of Technology.
Teaching Subjects:
Integration of Creative Design, Design Methods, Research Methods Monographs, Design Seminar, Green Design, Advanced Creative Design.
Areas of Expertise:
Industrial Design, Green Design, Life Style and Design, Design Methodology, Design Education.
Extension:886-5-534-2601 ext 6418
Professor Chi-Hsiung Chen, Ph.D
Professor Chi-Hsiung CHEN, Ph.D
(On leave as Dean of Academic Affairs, Chungyu Institute of Technology)

Ph.D. in Marketing & Management National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan, R. O. C.
Master in Industrial Design North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina, U. S. A.
B. F. A. in Furniture Design Kendall College of Art and Design, Grand Rapids, Michigan, U. S. A.
Diploma in Industrial Design National Taipei Institute of Technology, Taipei, Taiwan, R. O. C.
Teaching Subjects:
Integration of the Creative Design, Furniture Design, Design Marketing, Special Topics in Design Style, Advanced Creative Design, Special Topics in Design Marketing, Culture Creative product Design.
Areas of Expertise:
Industrial Design, Culture Creative Design, Furniture Design, Research of Design Marketing, Design Style, Culture Creative Industry, Augmented Reality.
Extension:886-5-534-2601 ext 6421, 6401
Professor, Dr. Shyh-Huei HWANG
Professor Shyh-Huei HWANG, Ph.D.
(Director of the design and R & D center)

Ph.D. in Natural Science Study, National Chiba University, Japan (Specializing in Science Design).
Teaching Subjects:
Design Culture, Community Development Monographs, Thematic Design.
Areas of Expertise:
Basic Design, Design Culture, Community Design Research, Thematic Design, Display Design.
Extension:886-5-534-2601 ext 6400. 6411
Associate Professor, Ching-Liang WANG
Associate Professor Ching-Liang WANG

Ph.D. Studies (Design), National Yunlin University of Science & Technology, Taiwan.
MFA, Cranbrook Academy of Art, USA.
Teaching Subjects:
Special Projects on Culture-Orientated Product Design, Special Topics on Form Language, Creative Thinking, Creative Drawing, Creative Painting, Design Methods.
Areas of Expertise:
Craft Design, Product Design, Product Semantics, Creative Morphology, Emotional Design.
Personal Website:Blog
Extension:886-5-534-2601 ext 6412
Associate Professor, Li-Hsun-PENG, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Li-Hsun PENG, Ph.D.

Ph.D. in Visual Arts, Univ. of Southern Queensland, Australia (Specializing in Design History and Cultural Theory)
MA. in Visual Arts, Université de Paris VIII.
MFA (DNSEP) in Visual Expression, l'École Nationale Supérieure d'Arts Paris-Cergy.
Certificate in Stained Glass Restoration & Creation, ENSAAMA Paris
Teaching Subjects:
Integration of the Creative Design, Introduction to Design History, Creative Form of Psychology, Advanced Creative Design, Display Design, Design Ethics.
Areas of Expertise:
Visual Culture, Fashion Design, Design History, Post-colonial Theory, Stained Glass
Extension:886-5-534-2601 ext6400, 6419
Assistant Professor, Yuan-Lung YU (Vince)
Associate Professor Yuan-Lung YU (Vince)
(Chief of the Extension Section, Extension Education Center, YunTech)

MFA, Academy of Art University, USA.
Teaching Subjects:
Ceramic Design, Technology Studies, Introduction to Design History, Activities Design, Painting.
Areas of Expertise:
Ceramic Making, Sculpture, Cultural Product Design, Innovative Technology, Drawings, Watercolors, Design History and Aesthetics, Digital Photography, Web Design.
Personal Website:Teaching WebsiteBlog
Extension:886-5-534-2601 ext 2648,6417
Assistant Professor, Dr. Hsiu Ching (Laura) Hsieh
Assistant Professor Hsiu-Ching Laura HSIEH, Ph.D.
(Chief of the International Student Section, Office of International Affairs)

Ph.D. in Human Centered Design, Brunel University, UK
MA in Visual Arts, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA
Teaching Subjects:
Graduation Creative Design Projects , Visual Communication Design,
Multimedia Design, Advanced Creative Design
Areas of Expertise:
Social and Cultural aspects in Human-Computer Interaction、Human Centered Design、
Cross Cultural Design in Interaction、Design Research、Digital Media Creation
886-5-534-2601 ext 6423
Assistant Professor, Dr. Sung-Chin CHUNG
Associate Professor Sung-Chin CHUNG, Ph.D.

Ph.D. in Architecture, National Cheng-Kung University.
Teaching Subjects:
Creative Design(1), Graduation Design Projects, Basic Design, Construction Equipment, Indoor Sound Monograph, An Introduction to the creative Industry, Higher Micro-environmental Control, Life Observation.
Areas of Expertise:
Architectural Space Design, Interior Sound and Sustainable Green Buildings, Physical Environmental Building, Construction of Indoor Facilities, Indoor Lighting, Community Building.
Extension:886-5-534-2601 ext 6415
Assistant Professor, Tzyy-Liang Hsieh, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Tzyy-Liang HSIEH, Ph.D.

Ph.D. in Urban Design, Univ. of Liverpool, U.K.
MA. in Architecture, Univ. of Tunghai, Taiwan
BA. in Architecture, Univ. of Tunghai, Taiwan
Teaching Subjects:
Creative Design, Integration of the Creative Design, Computer Drawing.
Areas of Expertise:
Architectural Space Design, Interior Design, Environment Planning, Computer Drawing
Extension:886-5-534-2601 ext 6424
Assistant, Wan-Chi TSENG
Assistant, Wan-Chi TSENG

MA in Cultural Heritage Conservation, National Yunlin University of Science & Technology, Taiwan
Main Duty: Department Affairs
Areas of Expertise:Cultural Heritage Conservation
Extension:886-5-534-2601 ext 6401